Owncloud IIT Jodhpur

Private Cloud Storage Facility: An open-source private cloud file storage service (using OwnCloud) has been installed on unified storage at Computer Center. It enables secure storage, collaboration, and sharing between members of IITJ. This storage facility will reduce the dependency on public cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc. You can log in with your Internet/LDAP user credentials. (Currently only for Faculty)

Quota per user at present: - 100 GB

Link: - https://oc.iitj.ac.in

App: - https://owncloud.com/desktop-app/


Link:- https://doc.owncloud.com/server/next/admin_manual/configuration/files/file_sharing_configuration.html

General Terms & Conditions with awareness: -

  1. Please note that this system is standalone, and we don’t have any backup or DR site. Hence, we request you keep an additional backup of any critical data. If a user deleted/corrupted files or data content, a user is responsible hole & sole for his data.
  2. This setup is not a temporary arrangement; we plan to keep it as long as the hardware is available.
  3. Please use the ownCloud Manual.pdf available in your account for the operation manual-privacy Terms & conditions as per the default provided by ownCloud https://owncloud.com software.
  4. We can't process your content like spam filtering, virus detection, malware protection, and the ability to search for files within your account.
  5. The content you save on Drive is private to you from others unless you choose to share it.